Toothache can have more than one reason.

There are small canals that we cannot see in our teeth and there is a layer called enamel that protects the upper part of them from the effects of the external environment. If this layer is removed

, these channels become exposed to the environment. They become sensitive to microorganisms and to hot, cold, and sugary food. In order to protect the enamel layer, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of acidic foods (such as coke, pickles) and pay attention to oral hygiene, meaning toothbrushing. Apart from that, our toothbrushes should not be hard. Hard brushes or hard brushing causes chronic trauma to the gingiva and can easily remove the gingiva and even cement, which is the root equivalent of enamel, causing tooth sensitivity and even decays.

Sometimes the pain gives us signs for early diagnosis. Among these, the first symptoms are usually severe pain that occurs upon consumption of cold and sugary foods and stops immediately. This kind of painful teeth can be saved with treatments that are both shorter and more cost-effective, such as filling. The pain that wakes individual up from their sleep or occurs without exposure to anything and lasts for a long time, then root canal treatment, which is a more demanding treatment, is applied where the vascular nerve package in the teeth is removed and causes decrease in the resistance of the living teeth against decay. It is completely up to you again; you will need to take care of those teeth twice as good. If there are bruises that are too large for root canal treatment, unfortunately, the tooth will be extracted and an implant or a prosthetic treatment will be planned in that area in order not to have an infection focus in the mouth. If you delay this as well and avoid these processes, there will be a constant bone loss in that area and bone loss starts in both the front and back teeth, and maybe even if there is no decay in those teeth, losses may occur. Apart from this, since chewing cannot be done in that area and the washing effect of saliva cannot be benefited, there may be loss in gingiva along with tartar in that area, and perhaps subsequent bone loss and joint disorders due to inability to chew.

A decay in the mouth does not only stay in that tooth on its own, but also creates an environment prone to decay, initiates decay in other teeth and causes serious bad breath, changing the microorganism flora of the environment.

How Does Toothache Stop?

Painkillers can be taken as an instant solution for toothache. However, this solution will be short-term and temporary. Toothache will not stop without treatment to the aching tooth. We expect you to our Anadolu Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic without delaying toothache.