Dentist Examination

Oral diagnosis is a dentistry department that diagnoses diseases in the teeth and surrounding tissues in the mouth and various systemic diseases that may cause symptoms in the teeth and surrounding tissues and enables treatment planning.

Correct diagnosis is the first step of a good treatment.

Regular dental check-ups allow tooth decays and gingival diseases to be diagnosed early and intervened immediately before the current situation gets worse.

In addition, it helps us refer patients to the relevant doctor in cases where systemic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.) make us doubt.


What is Performed in a Dentist Examination?
After the general health status, oral hygiene of the patients who come for examination is evaluated. Conditions that disturb the patient such as presence of bad odor, decayed-broken teeth are detected.
Conditions that the patient does not notice, such as tooth erosion due to clenching, can be detected by the dentist.
In addition to the examination performed by the dentist with their hands and eyes, examination can be supported by intraoral (periapical, panoramic)
Examination with x-rays can be supported
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When Should a Dentist Examination Be Done?

In general, dental examinations should be made at least twice a year, every 6 months. No reason should be sought for the examination. Because early diagnosis always gives the chance to treat an existing condition in the simplest way before it gets worse.