If pregnancy is planned, future mothers should definitely go through a dentist’s control and dental and gingival problems, if any, should be eliminated before pregnancy.

Dental treatment during pregnancy is divided into three separate periods.

a) 0-3 months period is the most sensitive period of pregnancy. Dental treatment can be performed only in emergencies that cause pain and may harm the mother and baby if not intervened.

b) Treatments that cannot be postponed until the end of pregnancy should be done in the 3-6 months period.

c) In the 6-9 months period

, the baby has grown considerably in the womb and no intervention should be made except for emergency treatments.

Treatments to be applied in these three periods should be done in line with the control and recommendations of an Obstetrician.

Regardless of the period of pregnancy, if the mother thinks that there is a problem with the teeth and gingiva, a dental examination should be done.